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Why Choose Connection?

I’m always inspired when we have experiences that shift us and create more possibility. Whether it’s a relationship, a conversation or a story made up in our own head, space for something new opens up. When connection replaces disconnection this shift becomes possible. If we are willing to stop behaving in ways that divide us […]

An Empowering Question

I asked my daughter the question, “How are you feeling today?” She’d had an upset with a friend the night before so it seemed like a normal question for me to ask her the next day. But I started thinking: there is a more empowering question I could ask her, and I felt my next […]

Connection-Our Greatest Influence

As my adolescent grew into the teen she is today, I had a sense that in order to keep a connection with her and not lose her so to speak, I needed to not manage her. To not nag, criticize and tell her what I think she needed to be doing or when and how […]