How to move through conflict with your ex.

Stop the Insanity

Your divorce was hard… you thought you were done.

But nothing prepared you for the aftermath of dealing with your ex.

This straightforward guide will help you stop the insanity.

You want to get on with your life – and even though the relationship is over, the pain and conflict are still there.

During these times of conflict you find yourself wishing it was easier, and that your ex would just disappear.

If you want more for yourself and your family…

I can show you the way because I had to discover it for myself.  That’s why I created:

Stop the Insanity: 5 Tips to End Stress with Your Ex.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • The 3 ways you may be creating conflict with your ex without even realizing it
  • Strategies to get what you truly need from your ex and he’ll be happy to do it
  • Feel strong, confident and empowered in your interactions with your ex
  • Negotiate tough situations, including  money,  for a win-win-win outcome that makes both of you feel good
  • Receive respect and consideration from your ex that you may not think is possible
  • Co-parent in a way that your children will thrive and benefits the entire family.

I know you can have this and more, I’m living proof!