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Allison is a relationship and communication expert.  She helps Moms get clear on what they stand for and how they want to spend their time.  They stop wasting time, energy and attention on the things that don't matter and are able to laser focus on what does matter.  Her mission is to empower Moms to live the life they want.

For close to two decades, with her intense passion and visionary leadership, Allison has worked in both the personal and corporate coaching fields with clients ranging from single mothers and couples to managers and teams.  She is a speaker, a CTI professional coach, recognized by the International Coach Federation, as well as an Academy of Choice coach, whose process is based on the foundation of the legendary Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory. Her own personal poignant story of transformation from heartbreak to triumph is featured in the book Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End Families Don't, along with articles in The Globe and Mail.